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Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast & Bundaberg Lead The Way

Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg
Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast & Bundaberg Lead The Way

In December of 2011, Wendy Kramer and her son Ryan made three presentations at the 14th Conference on Human Reproduction in Melbourne. Many parts of Australia have acknowledged the rights of donor offspring, and have policies in place so that offspring are able to connect with their donors and half siblings, but some still import sperm from … Read More

After IVF: Some Couples Get Pregnant Without Help

Despite the label of being “infertile,” some couples who have tried fertility treatments are later able to have a baby naturally, according to a new study from France. In some instances from the research, the parents had had another child previously using in vitro fertilization (IVF) — while in other cases the couple had a … Read More

unexplained fertility
About Unexplained Infertility

Significant advances and new discoveries have been made over recent years in the areas of diagnosis and treatment of some of the most common reproductive disorders. The overall reported incidences of infertility seem to have remained unchanged for the most part; however, the rate of success for many of the infertility treatments have seen marked … Read More

Toxic chemicals and IVF
Toxic Chemicals!

Yesterday we met with a lady who talked to the staff at Fertility Solutions about the toxic chemicals that might be in our houses. Beware of strong smelling cleaning products – particularly sprays that will cause aerosol particles. If you are trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant, try and use natural, non-toxic products … Read More

Appointments For Our Patients Can Now Be Made At Buderim

We are really excited to be able to offer our patients another location in which they can see a nurse for consultations, follow ups, medication collections and scans.  As of 14th May you can make appointments to see a Fertility Nurse in BUDERIM on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.  We will be located at the … Read More

Steps To Success With IVF
IVF Success

IVF doesn’t work every time.. here are some things to consider when faced with the disappointment of an unsuccessful cycle.If you have a failed IVF cycle, don’t despair; talk with your doctor about how he can help you to move forward on your path to parenthood. Here are some points to ask your fertility specialist: … Read More

Transferring Your Fertility Care and Frozen Embryos

Many people do not know that it is easy to transfer their fertility care (and their frozen embryos, eggs or sperm) to another clinic. If you are not happy with your current care or perhaps your clinic is no longer operating, let Fertility Solutions (with locations in Bundaberg and Buderim), show you how easy it … Read More

Fertility Solutions Buderim location
More Locations For Our Patients – Buderim in 2012

As you may have heard, Dr’s Bogiatzis, Isaacs, Morrow and Orford have made a decision to relocate their practices to the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital in Buderim.  This decision has provided Fertility Solutions with an excellent opportunity to expand its services on the Coast offering more benefits and options for our patients. At this stage, … Read More

Denise Donati, IVF Clinic Manager Sunshine Coast
Fertility Solutions Leading the Way on the Coast

Nurse Denise Donati  will be presenting clinic findings at the prestigious 14th World Congress on Human Reproduction to be held in Melbourne in November this year.  Denise will be presenting some exceptional results from 2010 that Fertility Solutions has been achieving with intra uterine insemination (IUI) treatments.  To find out more click on the link below. … Read More