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conceptual drawing of stem cells
Donating Excess Embryos For Stem Cell Research

By Denise Donati Stem Cell Research has been very much in the headlines and it is now legal in Queensland, but what does all this mean? Every cell in our body starts from the cells that are present in early developing embryos. Some form lung cells, some form brain cells, whilst others form muscles, eggs, or … Read More

Medicare Rebate for ICSI

By Denise Donati A major breakthrough in the treatment of infertility occurred in 1992 with the first reported successful pregnancies from the technique known as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI. Approximately 15% of all couples will experience infertility during their lifetime. In around 40% of couples, the cause is due to abnormalities in the sperm … Read More

woman holding vitamin
Pre-Pregnancy Vitamins: Too Good To Be True?

By Dr. Kirsten Small If you as a woman trying for a pregnancy, or a pregnant woman, could take a tablet each day that would help to ensure that your baby had a reduced risk of birth defects and had a lower chance of developing cancer in childhood, and it had almost no risks for … Read More

June 2007

National Fertility Study 2006 Key Findings Labett Research on behalf of Fertility Society of Australasia Fertility problems have always been common in Australia with 1 in 6 couples affected by infertility (currently over 3 million people). However, the time for people to conceive has significantly reduced due to societal changes ie a couple may not … Read More