Medicare Rebate for ICSI

By Denise Donati A major breakthrough in the treatment of infertility occurred in 1992 with the first reported successful pregnancies from the technique known as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI. Approximately 15% of all couples will experience infertility during their lifetime. In around 40% of couples, the cause is due to abnormalities in the sperm … Read More

woman holding vitamin
Pre-Pregnancy Vitamins: Too Good To Be True?

By Dr. Kirsten Small If you as a woman trying for a pregnancy, or a pregnant woman, could take a tablet each day that would help to ensure that your baby had a reduced risk of birth defects and had a lower chance of developing cancer in childhood, and it had almost no risks for … Read More

June 2007

National Fertility Study 2006 Key Findings Labett Research on behalf of Fertility Society of Australasia Fertility problems have always been common in Australia with 1 in 6 couples affected by infertility (currently over 3 million people). However, the time for people to conceive has significantly reduced due to societal changes ie a couple may not … Read More