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Image of a normal ovary and polycystic ovary syndrome; How your fertility is affected by PCOS and Type 2 diabetes.
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes Effects on Conception

In this article, we take a look at how fertility is affected by PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and Type 2 Diabetes. The two conditions often go hand in hand. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a painful condition that causes a woman’s body to bunch immature follicles together every month rather than allowing each follicle to release … Read More

Terminology used with fertility - your handy reference guide
Abbreviations & Terms for terminology used within fertility

Terminology used within fertility can be very confusing, especially if you’ve just started treatment. To assist in your journey, we wanted to create a list of common abbreviations and terms used at Fertility Solutions. Please note, this list is not complete and comprehensive as other terms may be used by your Specialist or other Fertility … Read More

Donation of Embryos and Using Donor Embryos
Donation of Embryos

Donation of embryos is a very important part of fertility treatment. There are many couples and individuals who are desperate to have a baby and the gift of donation may be the only chance they will ever have to become a parent. In September 2019,  ABC’s Australian Story interviewed two incredible couples about their story … Read More

Image of an egg undergoing IVF Treatment
Fertility Preservation – Practical Information about Egg Freezing

Part 2 Practical Information about Egg Freezing This month we celebrated Women’s Health Week (2-6 September) and last month we introduced the topic of egg freezing.  In Part 2 we will attempt to alleviate the social stigma around fertility preservation and provide practical information about egg freezing to those considering it.   Your future fertility is … Read More

Elective egg freezing can help you preserve your fertility.
Egg Freezing – More Common Than You May Think

Egg freezing originated for patients undergoing cancer treatment. However, today the use of egg freezing for social reasons is becoming more popular.  You may even know someone who has already undergone the treatment.  In fact, according to the UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (no data available in Australia), egg freezing is the fastest growing … Read More

care and support for fertility patients
Caring for Our Fertility Patients

During your journey through fertility treatment you find yourself sharing the most intimate parts of your life with many people including your fertility nurse. Your fertility nurse will be there to guide you through your  diagnosis and to discuss treatment cycle options with you. Ultimately the role of a Fertility Solutions nurse is to CARE … Read More

Acquisition of Fertility Solutions by Monash IVF Group
Acquisition of Fertility Solutions by Monash IVF Group – Patient Q&A

What is happening between Fertility Solutions and Monash IVF Group? Acquisition of Fertility Solutions: As announced on 10 July 2019, Fertility Solutions is now combined under the Monash IVF Group. To read the press release from both Fertility Solutions and Monash IVF Group click on the following links: Fertility Solutions Monash IVF Group How will … Read More

Fertility Solutions is now combined under Monash IVF Group
ANNOUNCEMENT – Fertility Solutions Acquired by Monash IVF Group Limited (ASX:MVF)

DATE 11 July, 2019 Fertility Solutions, a privately owned and operated assisted reproductive service (ARS) clinic, with locations in Bundaberg and Buderim, announce today that it has been acquired by Monash IVF Group Limited (ASX: MVF). Under the terms of the acquisition agreement, Fertility Solutions is now combined under Monash IVF Group. Fertility Solutions was … Read More

fertiltiy treatment for men - normal sperm vs. abnormal sperm
All about the Boys

Often at Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast or Bundaberg, our staff’s focus is on the female and her cycle, but what about the BOYS?  In this article, let’s focus the attention on fertility treatment for MEN and how they contribute to the fertility picture! What is a Semen Analysis? Males account for approximately 40% of all … Read More

Come to our Sunshine Coast Perinatal Workshop for helpful information and tips on becoming a new parent
Sunshine Coast Perinatal Centre Workshop

The Sunshine Coast Perinatal Centre “Becoming Parents” Workshop is a half-day session full of useful information and tips to prepare you for becoming a parent. If you’ve begun your fertility journey and are expecting it may be a great time to learn more about what lies ahead. The session is held by the caring, qualified … Read More