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Dedicated IVF Laboratory Now Available in Bundaberg

IVF clinic in Bundaberg
Original Press Release From 11th May 2015

The Directors of Fertility Solutions Bundaberg and Affordable IVF Bundaberg have opened a fully functional laboratory that offers IVF and other fertility services in Bundaberg, it was announced today.

“This is a real positive for the people of Bundaberg and the wider community,” says clinic manager Denise Donati, “For a long time I was hearing patients from the Wide Bay Burnett region as well as patients as far north as Emerald saying it would be fantastic to be able to have IVF treatments in Bundaberg.”

Bundaberg IVF Lab far view

The reason the new centre is so important is because travel expenses alone can add so much to the expense of receiving IVF treatment, for patients who live in more remote areas. This, coupled with the emotional stress of infertility placed on couples pursuing a baby through IVF, is a tremendous burden to bare.

“The other positive aspect of having a dedicated IVF laboratory in Bundaberg is that it offers more choice for patients. I’m a big believer in patient choice and by having the laboratory in Bundaberg, patients from surrounding areas, such as Rockhampton, now have an option for IVF within easy driving distance,” says Donati.

One thing that is constant irrespective of geographical location is that 1 in 6 couples will need assistance to start their family. It is also well known that Australia is a world leader in IVF, achieving the highest pregnancy and live birth rates through assisted conception. Many people have the idea that to receive medical care you need to go to the larger cities. With IVF treatment, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Adds Donati, “Irrespective of the size of the clinic, we all have to jump through the same industry standard hoops when it comes to accreditation and what is acceptable in terms of results.”

The Bundaberg IVF laboratory staff will be comprised of Fertility Solutions’ nurses, doctors, and scientists – all who have previously worked in fertility units with success rates on a par with any of the major units around Australia. Donati is confident her team can deliver success rates that are as good – if not better – than any other unit locally.

“A common advantage smaller clinics have over large fertility centres is the level of service we provide our patients. We are able to offer a much more personalized level of service with treatments tailored for the individuals based on their specific needs, rather than a ‘one model fits all’ approach,” states Donati.

A couple’s fertility journey is very personal and often kept private. Smaller boutique clinics are able to ensure that couples will be working with the same fertility team who has gotten to know them throughout the duration of their IVF journey. This is comforting to couples and this relationship makes their journey a little bit easier.

Donati concluded, “Fertility Solutions Bundaberg has been privileged to have helped many couples realize their dream of having a baby. Now, through the addition of the new IVF lab, we can say that we are making little local miracles happen right here in Bundaberg.”