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Follow Up Appointment

Thank you for choosing Fertility Solutions to share your journey to new life!

You are about to begin your cycle and hopefully your questions and concerns have been answered by your specialist and nursing team.  You would have been provided by email two important documents that you need to read and understand.

Important Documents for you to Read and Understand
  1. Cycle Instructions and Medication Document 
  2. Letter with Important Information about Your Treatment Cycle

We strongly encourage you to read the two important documents listed above. Your nursing team are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Additionally, you would have been sent an email from our nurse assistant with the link to this page and our Fertility Treatment Booklet.  This page and the booklet further provide you with useful information about your treatment cycle. 

By now you may feel completely overwhelmed with information so we have created this page to assist you during your cycle.

What you should know about Follicles, Eggs and Embryos

It is important to understand that not every follicle seen on ultrasound scan during an IVF cycle will have an egg collected from it.  It is expected that approximately 60-80% of follicles will yield an egg, however not all eggs will fertilise normally.   Some embryos will grow until Day 2 or 3 (cleavage) and look perfectly normal, but do not progress after this stage. It is expected that 1/3 of embryos will continue to develop to a day 5/6 (called the Blastocyst stage).  So if 9 eggs are fertilised, it would be realistic to expect that approximately 6 embryos would be progressing at the expected 6 – 8 cell stage on day 3.  However, only 2 of these embryos may progress to day 5/6 – click here for more information.

eggs embryos blasts attrition chart

Your Nursing Team

During your cycle you will be allocated to a nursing team who will personally care for you during your treatment.  We also have a nursing co-ordinator who oversees care of all patients to ensure continuity and the highest quality care at both clinics.  It is important that during your cycle you feel comfortable and confident in the care provided to you by our staff.  Fertility Solutions team also consist of a patient liaison who is always happy to answer any questions or concerns.  If you need to speak with our nurse co-ordinator or patient liaison please email via –

Fertility Counsellor

Medicare makes provisions for people to have access to one counselling consultation for each IVF cycle. This counselling session is free of charge. We have a counsellor at both our Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg clinics. Regardless of whether you think you need to see a counsellor or not, it can often be beneficial. Your mental health and well-being is as important as your physical health. Many people fear that accessing counselling means there is something wrong with them or that it may indicate weakness and inability to cope with treatment. Nothing could be further from the truth. The journey of fertility treatment is considered to be a major life stress and is often described as an emotional rollercoaster. It is strongly recommended that anyone undergoing fertility treatment attend at least one counselling session. If you wish to organise an appointment with a counsellor please email via –

Contact with Fertility Solutions Team

If you have a concern or enquiry we encouraged patients to call the clinic or their specialist directly during business hours or email the clinic on  You will be instructed by your nursing team when to call our clinic for blood results and instructions during your cycle.  If you have any concerns after hours please follow these instructions.

Fertility Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

The nursing team have created a list of frequently asked questions to assist patients during their cycle.  Please contact your nurse if you have additional questions not covered.  Frequently asked questions for both Bundaberg and Sunshine Coast Fertility Patients – Click Here.

Medication Demonstrations

We have listed all the medications that are used in fertility treatment.  Please refer to your cycle instructions provided to you by your nurse.  Not all the medication demonstrations below will be applicable to your cycle.

IVF cycle injections:


Gonal F





IVF cycle nasal spray:


Trigger injections:





Complementary Therapies

At Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg, we take a holistic approach to individuals and couples care. This includes considering not just the physical side of the person but also the emotional and spiritual sides. We embrace traditional medicine as a complement to western medical approaches to preconceptual care and fertility treatment. There is a strong body of evidence which supports the use of complementary therapies in conjunction with fertility treatments to induce relaxation and reduce emotional and physical stresses.   If you are interested in obtaining a copy of our Complementary Therapies Booklet please speak with our friendly team.  Click Here to learn more about complementary therapist.

Preconception Planning

Fertility Solutions is always looking for ways to help our patients achieve their dream of having a baby. Therefore, we work with the The IVF Project to offer our patients access to discounted membership to individual exercise and nutritional plans . Our joint mission is to help our female and male patients access preconception and fertility care that can identify risks and improve health prior to pregnancy.

Pathology Collection Centres

During your cycle you will be required to have a number of blood tests to assist in your treatment.  Pathology collection point can be found all around Queensland for your convenience – Click here to find a collection point near you.

IVF Pharmacy Services

Fertility Solution will send your medication scripts directly to IVF Pharmacy Services.  They will make direct contact with you regarding delivery and payment.  If you need to contact IVF Pharmacy Services – Phone: 07 3831 3242 (Business hours: Monday-Friday 7.30am-6pm. Closed weekends).

Fertility Solutions Closed Facebook Support Group

Many patients find it useful talking about their experience and journey with others who are also in the same situation.  As you are now a Fertility Solutions patient you have access to our closed Facebook page were only patients from Fertility Solutions share experiences and support each other.  If you would like to access this page CLICK HERE.

Frozen Embryo Transfer Information

We have a number of patients ask questions about the process of Frozen Embryo cycles and transfers.  Click Here if you would like to learn more.

Fertility treatment can be extremely overwhelming.  However, our dedicated team are always happy to answer any questions you may have.  It is extremely important that you feel supported and cared for during treatment.  If you have any concerns or questions please don’t hesitate contacting your nursing team, our nurse co-ordinator or patient liaison.

Best Wishes and Success on Your Journey to New Life