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Conception Stories

Jonns Family with bubblesWe often hear from our patients that they feel reassured and sometimes inspired when they hear and read other people’s stories about their fertility journey. Reading about others reinforces that they’re not alone when they find out they need fertility treatment. It provides them with something to relate to and gives them more strength to cope with their own journey.

While your nurse and doctor can explain the various treatments to you and outline your specific treatment, reading and listening to someone who has been through it – or is currently going through it – makes it more real, as they truly understand. So, here are some real patient stories that tell it like it really is – laughter, tears and all.

Conception Story Topics


Share Your Conception Story

Do you have a conception story you would like to share? If so, please follow the guidelines below and we will consider publishing your story on our website.


Please use the questions below as a guide in writing up your story. Submit your story in a Word document along with several high resolution images of you, your baby, and your family to our marketing manager for review and publishing.

  1. Introduce yourself and your partner, share your ages, where you’re from and any other back ground info you’d like to share. (We accept anonymous stories if that suits you).
  2. How long had you been trying to get pregnant?
  3. What led up to your decision to pursue IVF or other assisted reproductive technology?
  4. What type of treatment(s) did you use? Feel free to explain as much as you like.
  5. How many cycles did you do?
  6. What challenges did you face along the way?
  7. What was the outcome of your fertility journey? Were you able to get pregnant and have a baby?
  8. Please share your overall thoughts on the process that you think would be helpful to others.

Email us your story and photos.