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Long Term TTC (Trying To Conceive): What Is It? How Do You Deal With It?

Long term Trying to Conceive and how to deal with your concerns

Long Term TTC means that you have been trying to conceive for more than 12 months without success. During this time, patients have undergone many procedures and treatments, such as ovary-stimulating through the use of medications, intrauterine insemination, and in vitro fertilization.  Despite this, they have still not achieved a pregnancy.

Others are just in the first phase of long-term TTC, meaning that they have tried on their own unsuccessfully for 12 months and are ready to seek further assistance. No matter what phase you are in, being unable to become pregnant for more than a year is frustrating, upsetting, and definitely stressful.

How To Deal With Long Term TTC

The first step in dealing with long term trying to conceive is to recognize, rather than avoid your feelings. When you avoid your feelings, you put yourself at risk of mental health issues, none of which are healthy. You can feel mad, angry, lost, or depressed – it is normal. What matters is how you handle those feelings.

Don’t blame yourself or your partner and don’t internalize your feelings. You did not create your infertility issue and neither did your partner; it was the hand you were dealt. What matters is how you handle the process moving forward. Try to be proactive and find ways to handle the situation. Look for resources within your community, read books, or perform research online to see what options you have either for a natural approach for your difficulty with conceiving or how a doctor can help.

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Dealing with long term trying to conceive is difficult. It might also help to reach out to others in the same situation. 

A useful IVF support group on Facebook is

This is a closed group of like-minded people who can help you with your journey and understand your situation.  You don’t need to have had IVF to join this group, the group consists of people who have all firsthand had infertility related issues.

If you feel you are ready to pursue fertility treatment, we offer a private, free 1-on-1 consultation where you can begin to learn what your options are for overcoming long-term TTC.


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