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Patient Bookshelf

Fertility or infertility is a diverse subject, and patients present with so many different situations requiring the help from Fertility Solutions. 

Our fertility counsellors and the Fertility Solutions team wanted to provide patients with a “Patient Bookshelf”.  We hope you find the right resources to assist you on your fertility journey.

The Patient Bookshelf is a list of rich and diverse books that cater to just about every angle of fertility.  For example it covers topics such as:

  • General Infertility 
  • The Males Experience of Infertility
  • Donor Conception and Third Party Reproduction
  • Gay/Lesbian Families 
  • Single Parent by Choose Families
  • Parenting over 40
  • Adoption
  • Living Child Free
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Pregnancy Loss and Miscarriage
  • Transgener issues
  • Fetal Anomaly & Termination

To access this list of resources – CLICK HERE

All patients accessing fertility treatment through our clinics are entitled to a free counselling session. If you would like to organise a free counselling session, please speak with your nurse. Meet our counsellors.