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Resuming Fertility Treatment after 27 April 2020

As you may be aware there has now been a relaxation regarding elective surgery and IVF treatments. What this means is that Fertility Solutions will be able to resume fertility treatment from next week (27 April 2020).  However, it is possible, that we will have limited access to the hospitals for egg collections as the return of elective surgery will be gradual across all medical specialities. Fertility Solutions will continue to work closely with our specialists and the hospitals  to ensure that our services are back to full capacity as soon as possible however in the short term we anticipate some restrictions.

Fertility Solutions will continue to offer access to clinic egg collections which is less affected by the gradual return of services at hospitals. Clinic egg collections may not be suitable for all patients and it is important you speak with your specialist about the best option for you.

Recommencing Treatment

If you are wishing to recommence or start treatment, please email

We will require the following information to help process your treatment:

-Date of your last period.

-Confirmation that you have had a discussion with your treating specialist around the risks of COVID-19 infection occurring during your treatment cycle or in early pregnancy. If you have not had a discussion with your specialist, please contact your specialist’s rooms to book a telehealth appointment (please provide us with the date of proposed appointment). Please be aware there may be a few weeks delay in being able to book an appointment to see your specialist at this time.

-A new consent form will need to be signed that includes information about COVID if you still wish to proceed with treatment after your discussion with your specialist (your specialist will provide you with this consent).

COVID-19 Clinic Policy

Please be aware that a range of initiatives have been implemented at our clinics to minimise the risk of transmitting COVID-19 between our patients, our team, and the broader community.

These include the following:

-Some of your appointments with our staff may be via telehealth

-On each presentation to the clinic you will have your temperature checked, required to complete a health questionnaire, and asked to use the hand sanitizing station on entry

-Your support person/partner will not be able to accompany you for your appointments/procedures and will be asked to wait in the car; except for embryo transfers

-You may be required to wear a mask

-You will be required to maintain social distance when in the clinic except when you are having procedures

-Male partners will be asked to produce samples from home (when appropriate)

Our clinic COVID-19 policy may change from time to time and the instructions from our team may vary from the list above. It is important to understand that our COVID-19 policy is intended to protect you, our staff and the broader community from the transmission of COVID-19.  We thank you for your co-operation and understanding as we implement and change as required to minimise risk overall.

We know it has been an incredibly upsetting and anxious time for many of you. We want to thank all of our patients for your ongoing understanding and patience during the last few weeks. We so look forward to seeing you all again!

If you would like to speak with a staff member please call 1300 FERTILITY or email