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Save Money On Subsequent IVF Cycles By Scheduling Them Before 2015 Ends

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Did you know that you can save money by having a subsequent IVF cycle with Fertility Solutions before the end of the year?

If you have been considering having a subsequent IVF treatment with Fertility Solutions in the same calendar year but thinking that you might wait until next year we have some news that you will be interested in.   The Medicare government safety nets are changing in 2016 and as such it may cost you approx $1000 more to have a subsequent cycle in 2016 when compared to this year.

For more information on the Medicare Safety Net go to MBS online – A new Medicare Safety Net

Our interpretation of this new threshold for 2016 and how it will affect you:

It appears that a subsequent IVF cycle in a calendar year will, in 2016, have the safety nets refunds capped lower than those that are already in place for 2015. This means that you’re out of pocket cost for a subsequent IVF cycle in a calendar year with Fertility Solutions will be approx. an extra $1000 in  2016 compared to what it is this year – that is $4585 compared to $3686.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss commencing a subsequent cycle before the end of this calendar year with Fertility Solutions, please phone our friendly reception staff as soon as possible 1300 337 845 so we can make sure that your cycle starts in time before the safety net calendar ceases for 2015.