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Low Cost IVF

Fertility Solutions offer patients a range of treatment options to suit their individual situation.  These range from Bulk Billed* through to Fully Customised Cycles. 

To learn more on Bulk Billed* Options Click Here


At Fertility Solutions, we pride ourselves on being patient-focused and are always looking for ways to make fertility treatments easier and more accessible.  Our bulk billed* option may be suitable for your situation, however you will need to speak with your fertility specialist about which fertility options are suited to your situation.

Our fertility clinic also offers affordable IVF and FET options, with our customised treatment cycles.  Our customised cycles allows your fertility specialist to tailor your treatment based on your needs, therefore you only pay for the treatment that is needed for your individual fertility needs.  

Your cycle can be more affordable if you do not require complex scientific procedures and your nursing team preform your scans and embryo transfer.  Also if you elect for a hospital or clinic egg collection with the doctor on roster to preform your egg collection, these also help to make your fertility treatment more affordable.


We recognise that it can be difficult for some to find money for their fertility treatments and feel that money should not dictate whether you can start or extend your family.

Please discuss your options with our friendly admin team, such as accessing super and interest free and flexible payment terms. (Note: these options are with external companies and conditions may apply)

Our dedicated team of fertility specialist and nurses work together to provide professional and caring treatment to help you reach your dream of a little miracle.

To discuss which IVF option is best suited for your needs, make a free appointment with our specialist fertility nurses or or phone 1300 FERTILITY (1300 337 845).

*Conditions apply to Bulk Billed options, click here to learn more.