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What New Treatments Options are being Investigated at the Clinic?

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“What is next in Fertility Treatment?”

If you missed this months newsletter then you would not have heard about a few things Fertility Solutions have been exploring. – Donor and PGT

Fertility Solutions have been treating patients for over 10 years.  From our inception we have seen so many changes and new developments in fertility treatments both national and internationally.  We pride ourselves on our successes and we are also extremely proud that we are always working towards being able to offer our patients the most innovative treatments to meet their needs.

Fertility Solutions is currently investigating adding access to overseas donor eggs and semen for patients along with  being able to offer Pre Implantation Genetic Testing on suitable embryos.  Both of these treatment options can have the benefit for some people, helping them achieve a healthy pregnancy in the shortest possible time.  If either of these are of  interest please read on.


Fertility Solutions have been offering donor programs to patients for 10 years now however the challenge remains trying to provide for the demand when there is a shortage of donors nationally. 

The use of donated sperm or eggs (known as gametes), and embryos is a very important part of fertility treatment. There are many couples and individuals who are longing to have a baby who either need donor sperm, eggs or donor embryos to start a family.

Fertility Solution’s donor program facilitates treatment with known or clinic recruited donors. For those wishing to use clinic recruited donors, we have established an organised system, including a waitlist to ensure fair and non-discriminatory access for women and couples for treatment with donor embryos and gametes. If you are able to bring a known donor with you to the clinic then we can work with all parties to assess suitability and provide relevant information so informed decisions can be made.

The exciting news around the donation process is that Fertility Solutions is working closely with a clinic that is recruiting egg donors that we are hoping to have access to in the near future.  We are so excited about this opportunity.  We will keep you posted but in the meantime if you would like to register your interest in donor eggs please call 1300 FERTILITY today.

What is PGT?

PGT, or preimplantation genetic testing, is a genetic test performed on embryos produced through IVF. PGT provides some information about embryos’ genetic health and can help fertility clinic staff select the best embryo for transfer and improve your chance of achieving a successful pregnancy

A surprisingly large number of embryos will have a chromosome abnormality present. The rate at which this happens rises with the increasing age of the woman.  Studies have shown that women at the age of 30 can have up to 40% of their embryos abnormal and by the age of 40 this rises to approximately 60%. These chromosomally abnormal embryos may fail to grow in the IVF culture and therefore are not considered for embryo transfer.  Often the abnormal embryos can appear quite normal under the microscope and by laboratory standards and can grow successfully to the blastocyst stage only to not implant, miscarry or result in a baby being born that has abnormalities .

The aim of PGT is to select chromosomally normal embryos for transfer so that the chances of pregnancy with the outcome of a healthy baby are maximized.

If you would like to register your interest in either or both of these new technologies please contact us on or call on 1300 FERTILITY (1300 337 845).  Alternately book a free appointment with a Fertility Nurse.