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Bulk Billed IVF & FET Treatments

At Fertility Solutions, we pride ourselves on being patient-focused and are always looking for ways to make fertility treatments easier and more accessible. That’s why we now offer patients Bulk Billed* IVF and FET Cycles. Please contact our friendly staff to discuss whether Bulk Billed Treatments are the right approach for you.

It is important to note, that whilst the main component of the treatment cycle is bulk billed to Medicare, eligible patients will incur some out of pocket expenses. It is also important to understand that the way these treatments are managed may mean that they are not suitable for all – however, they do provide patients with another option to consider. This approach could be considered as an introduction to IVF and is as much a diagnosis as it is a treatment.

Eligibility Criteria
• Must have access to Medicare.
• Not currently offered for patients with complex fertility concerns – such as: requirement of donor eggs or sperm, PGD (genetic testing of embryos) or treatments requiring surgical sperm collections. These procedures can be accessed through our Customised Treatment options.

Eligibility for bulk billed treatment is determined by your fertility specialist, who will assess your individual circumstances.

Some services associated with IVF and FET cycles are unable to be bulk billed to Medicare. These include (but are not limited to), some medications, dispensing of medication, day surgery/clinic fees, some laboratory procedures and a small number of pathology tests.

Administration will provide an estimate of costs to ensure patients fully understand any additional costs that may be relevant before treatment commences.

*Conditions Apply.