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Update: 19th January 2023

Queensland’s COVID-19 traffic light system has been downgraded to GREEN. We are seeing lower rates of community transmission and Queensland is nearing the end of the 4th wave.

Stay home if you’re sick, maintain good hygiene and keep up-to-date with your vaccinations. Take a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) if you get COVID-19 symptoms.

If you get COVID-19:

  • register your RAT result
  • stay home until you’re well again
  • wear a mask for 7 days after your test
  • avoid visiting hospitals, aged care of disability care for 7 days after your test
  • ask household members to closely monitor symptoms.

You should always wear a mask if required by a healthcare provider, venue or household.

For more information about Queensland’s traffic light system, click here.


  • RAT’s will only be conducted if a patient attends the clinic for a procedure and is symptomatic.


  • If you commence a treatment cycle and it is cancelled because you test positive for COVID, cancellation fees will apply. If you are concerned about your cycle being cancelled due to COVID, please discuss this with your treating specialist prior to commencing treatment who can assess your individual situation.


  • COVID-19 Infection in Pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of severe disease, hospitalisation, admission to intensive care, mechanical ventilation, and death in pregnant women, along with an increased risk of miscarriage, prematurity, and stillbirth.
  • To further support patients the clinic is offering a free counselling session to assist with decision making and associated implications.


  • According to the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) the available evidence suggests patients who had SARS-CoV-2 infection diagnosed within 7 days before or up to 30 days after surgery are at significant risk of post-operative complications including increased morbidity and mortality.
  • A minimum of eight weeks of being symptom free prior to undergoing all but minor elective surgical procedures is recommended. As fertility operative procedures are considered minor, the recommendation is for patients to defer treatment for a minimum 4 weeks of being symptom free post a COVID diagnosis.


  • To continue to support patients, the clinic is offering a complimentary counselling session to assist with decision making and associated implications to your treatment. Please contact a nurse to arrange for a referral.

We will continue to review available information and monitor the developments of COVID-19. Please contact the clinic if you have any concerns or questions.