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Fertility Costs

Overview of Costs for Fertility Treatment

Whilst the cost of fertility treatment is one of the most important factors to consider in your decision-making, it is a hard question to answer. As treatments vary from patient to patient, we are unable to provide an individualised quote, until you have seen a Fertility Specialist. Once this has occurred, your specialist will be able to identify exactly what you need and create a treatment plan accordingly. This will then be sent to the clinic where we can provide you with a personalized quote based off of your individual circumstances.

Please see the attached Overview of Costs outlining some of the treatment options offered at Fertility Solutions. There may be additional costs associated with your procedure such as Hospital, Fertility Specialist, Anaesthetist, Medications, and some Lab Procedures.

Finance Options

At Fertility Solutions, we recognise that it can be difficult for some to find money for their fertility treatments and feel that money should not dictate whether you can start or extend your family. That is why we are now offering eligible patients flexible payment options (conditions apply).

Fertility Solutions have partnered with Handypay and are now able to offer flexible terms and payments. Click the link for more information.

Medicare Safety Net

It is important that you register for the Medicare Safety Net. It is your responsibility to register so that you can access maximum rebates. If you don’t register, then the out-of-pocket expenses may be more than the Basic Costing Guide above.

Click for more information about the Medicare Safety Net.