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Information – Post Meet & Greet Appointment

Taking the first steps or considering your options for fertility treatment can be extremely overwhelming.  If you have recently had your Meet & Greet appointment with one of our fertility nurses, you have likely been sent some information regarding our treatment options and costs. In addition to this, we have supplied some further information on this page to help simplify the process to get started, and learn more about your options, so that you feel in control and informed in your decision making.

Preconception Planning

Preconception planning is an important subject when it come to your fertility journey.  There are many lifestyle factors that you have control over that can help improve your chances of success. Some may require changes by both yourself and your partner to improve the likelihood of fertility treatment success.

One factor that can be very important is your weight. Your weight has a direct relationship with pregnancy rates.  In fact, pregnancy rates of women at a normal weight is almost double that of obese women.

Another factor to consider is female age. Female age can impact the outcome of fertility treatment. If you are under the age of 35 and have been trying to conceive for at least 12 months, or over 35 and trying to conceive for at least 6 months, it is recommended that you seek assistance.  

Fertility Solutions is always looking for ways to help our patients achieve their dream of having a baby. We work with the The IVF Project to offer our patients access to discounted membership to their individual exercise and nutritional plans. Our joint mission is to help our female and male patients access preconception and fertility care that can identify risks and improve health prior to pregnancy. 

Preconception Multivitamins

Fertility Solutions recommends the practitioner only Natal Supplements for both men and women which can be purchased at the clinic. Information on these supplements are listed here.

Fertility Specialists

In order to see one of our Fertility Specialists, you will need two referrals from your GP/local doctor. One referral is for the female and the other for the partner (if applicable). Following your meet and greet appointment we provide your GP with information regarding the required screening tests needed to assist your fertility specialist when you have your appointment with them.  

Fertility Treatment Options

At your appointment the nurse may have discussed the different treatment options available at our clinics.  We offer Bulk Billed*, Customised and Donor IVF & FET treatments (as well as additional treatments such as OI/IUI).  Your specialist will discuss with you the most suitable option for you based off of your individual circumstances. 

 Additional Brochures & Free Infertility Books
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Your IVF Success Estimator

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Patient Rights & Responsibilities Brochure

Please click here to access your ‘Patient Rights & Responsibilities’ Brochure.

Best Wishes and Success on Your Journey to New Life

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate emailing or phoning our clinic. 

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