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Fertility Investigation Package 

woman thinking dreaming of a child - let us help you conceive

Are you thinking about having a baby or perhaps have been trying to fall pregnant for some time? You may need to consider the option of our Fertility Investigation Package.

Fertility Solutions in conjunction with fertility specialist Dr Nerida Flannery (Masters in Reproductive Medicine) offers patients the Fertility Investigation Package

The investigation package is specifically designed to understand the most common causes of infertility and Dr Nerida Flannery will carefully interpret the results and situation to provide patients with a personalised plan and treatment to address the individual circumstances.

All patients will require a referral from a GP to see Dr Nerida Flannery.  The initial consultation will take approximately 30 minutes and this consultation will cover questions related to health and lifestyle.  Following completion of your test, you will attend a follow up appointment with Dr Flannery to discuss your results.

Fertility Investigation Package Out Of Pocket Cost
  • Couples Assessment $210* (both will need a referral)
  • Single Assessment $160*

Patients must have access to full Medicare rebates.

*Prices are subject to change

  • What is included in the Fertility Investigation Package
    • Comprehensive initial consultation with Dr Flannery
    • Female Fertility Hormone Assessment (blood test)
    • Ovulation Ultrasound Scan (female only)
    • Thyroid Hormone Assessment (blood test)
    • Egg Timer Test – known as anti mullerian hormone (AMH) (blood test, female only)
    • Chromosome Analysis (blood test)
    • Full Fertility Assessment of Semen
    • Follow up consultation with Dr Flannery to review of tests and options for the future
    • Written communication of results and consultation with your GP

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