Complementary Therapists

Karen McElroy, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist

Karen McElroy naturopath fertility solutions sunshine coast and bundabergKaren McElroy is a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist with over 15 years experience supporting women and their families in achieving optimal health. Karen is an independent consultant who has rooms in Noosa. Karen specialises in women and children’s health and she offers holistic treatment strategies that address the underlying cause of dysfunction and disease rather than just treating the symptoms. She is passionate about whole foods, a healthy lifestyle, stress management and natural medicines and their ability to restore and promote health on all levels.

Karen has extensive experience working with reproductive disorders, including endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, menopause and infertility. Karen works alongside IVF specialists and doctors where necessary to provide expert holistic care and she finds this collaborative approach can really enhance fertility and improve a couple’s success rates. Research shows that getting healthy before a pregnancy, addressing nutritional deficiencies and managing stress can all improve fertility and reproductive health. With this in mind, Karen has developed comprehensive Fertility Wellness Programs to really transform your health on all levels and achieve your dream of a successful and health pregnancy and natural birth.

Karen enjoys sharing her knowledge with colleagues and the wider community. She writes articles, lectures at university, gives public and professional talks and runs workshops on children’s health, work-life balance & meditation. She is currently studying her Masters in Women’s Health at QUT.

Erica French,  Acupuncturist

Erica French acupuncturist - fertility solutions sunshine coast and bundabergErica French studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for 5 years and worked 2 years with Acupuncturist specializing in fertility. Her practice in Brisbane focused on the family: women, men and children. Now living in the Sunshine Coast, she continues her practice in Buderim and Caloundra working with women and men who have difficulties conceiving.

Her passion lies in taking care of the whole person. She believes in the integration of Eastern and Western medicine and uses various modalities and techniques to prepare relax and nourish the body for conception. Erica’s unique comprehensive and compassionate style is designed to quiet and focus the female and male mind to encourage blood flow to the internal organs, increase the number of follicles, improve the uterine environment and the quality and quantity of sperm.

Erica provides the opportunity to view each patient and their condition thoroughly by identifying, supporting and increasing optimal possibilities for the success of creating a new addition to the family.

Sara Andrew, Clinical Nutritionist

Sara Andrew - nutritionistSara is a registered Clinical Nutritionist and specialises in Nutritional Medicine. It’s Sara’s passion to provide a service that encompasses all aspects of wellness with the focus to get you sustainable results! With a focus towards what you CAN eat to heal yourself, rather than what you can’t, Sara re-educates you on the vital foundations of health while better managing your symptoms with correct Nutrition.

With a focus towards the vital importance of Food-as-Medicine, supported by an extensive knowledge of nutritional biochemistry, Sara assists clients with conditions ranging from general health and wellness, digestive complaints, stress, anxiety and fatigue, acne and skin complaints, reproductive dysfunction, arthritis, autoimmune conditions and more.
As Nutrition is the underlying foundation of our health and ill-health, Sara has supported clients to reduce and/or rid of their symptoms by working with them to gradually adapt their nutritional and lifestyle choices.

“Sara is very generous with her time, her knowledge is admirable and she is a true professional in her field. It’s amazing to learn from Sara how you can heal your body through specific foods and you can’t help but feel inspired to live a more nourishing life! Thank you!” A. Schedue

Sara looks forward to meeting with you in clinic very soon! Please feel welcome to get in touch via phone 0407 624 938 or via email with any questions you may have prior to your appointment.

Alessandra Winfield, Accredited Practising Dietitian, Bundaberg

Alessandra Winfield - bundaberg dietitianAlessandra is an Accredited Practising Dietitian based at the Friendly Society Private Hospital seeing both inpatients and outpatients. She has recently moved from Brisbane to Bundaberg with her family.

In Brisbane, Alessandra ran her own private practice called Ripe Nutrition where her focus was on infertility, pregnancy, post-natal and paediatrics. Her interest in infertility came about when she and her husband went through fertility treatments. With struggles in miscarriage, PCOS and severe ovarian hyperstimulation, they now have two boys as a result of IVF.

Alessandra is keen to combine her expertise in nutrition to assist with anyone going through infertility, pregnancy, postnatal and infant/child feeding issues. Please feel free to contact Alessandra in Bundaberg by phoning 4331 1888.