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Complementary Therapists

Naturopathic Treatments

Having a baby is one of the most important events in an adult’s life, though often an unconscious one.  We do very little to prepare our bodies for conception in order to allow the fetus the best possible chance in life. There are many clinical studies and scientific evidence showing the benefits of preconception care and nutrient supplementation prior to and during pregnancy.  Fertility Solutions work with a number of  Naturopathic Practitioners across our two clinics, please contact our friendly team for more details.  Email:



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture can be used alongside cutting edge Western reproductive medicine to increase the chances of conception.  The two disciplines complement each other exceedingly well.  TCM focuses on restoring health and balance to the body and can assist Western medicine to work more effectively.  The following is a list of Acupuncturist have a special interest in women’s health:

Clinical Nutritionist

Nutritionist or dietitians can navigate patients through the diet and lifestyle challenges associated with their personal situations to assist with fertility treatment.  The following is a list of Dietitians that have a special interest in women’s health: