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Fertility Solutions offer free and confidential consultations with a Fertility Nurse at both our Bundaberg and Sunshine Coast IVF clinics. 


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    It is estimated that as many as one in six couples have trouble falling pregnant and experience fertility issues.  Some couples may require minimal intervention such as education around understanding the menstrual cycle so your most fertile time in the cycle can be identified.  For others, they will require investigations to determine if and what the issue may be, which can then lead to having fertility treatment.  Certainly, female age or the “biological clock” is a major contributor to infertility but there are many other reasons why a couple may not become pregnant.

    We understand that the hardest step maybe asking for help, but we promise that once you speak to a fertility nurse, you’ll walk away feeling confident and informed about your situation.

    So…Congratulations on taking this step towards understanding your infertility.  It takes an average of 2-3 months for patients to start treatment based on their cycle and situation so don’t delay your decision to discuss any fertility concerns. All information provided is handled as confidential.