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Free Webinars During COVID-19

Fertility Solutions is dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible care and services.  However, during the COVID-19 pandemic we are unfortunately unable to provide face to face appointments and deliver our full service of treatments.

Fertility Solutions can however continue to provide our patients with information to better understand what they can do to improve their chances of pregnancy along with fertility treatment options if needed.  Therefore, assisting to prepare patients for when we are in a position to start treatments again.

Free Meet and Greet Appointments (Phone or Skype/Zoom)

*Our fertility consultations are 1 on 1 confidential appointments with an experienced fertility nurse and offers individual advice regarding each patient’s situation and fertility options, including bulk billed treatments 

*Preconception or pregnancy planning consultations are a new service we will be offering to anyone who is considering a pregnancy in the future and has questions on preconception planning. This is open to anyone, not just women or couples who may require fertility treatment. Our experienced nurses and midwives are here to assist by discussing individual situations including  lifestyle factors and other things to be considered that can improve the chance of a healthy pregnancy. 

To book a free meet and greet consultation with a nurse CLICK HERE.

Free Webinar Series (Zoom)

Register for one or all of our free webinars which Fertility Solutions is offering to existing and new patients.

*Fertility and Treatment Options – Entry level information for those new to fertility  (Speaker: Denise Donati)

*Fertility Master Class – Beyond the basic information.  Learn about what further options exist if treatment has been unsuccessful so far, intralipid infusions and much more (Speakers: Denise Donati and our Fertility Specialists)

*Donor Master Class – This session is open to same sex, singles and heterosexual couple wishing to learn more about our donor program, including our new international sperm donor program.

*Questions and Answers Session with our TeamMeet our team of nurses, midwives, scientists, counsellors and fertility specialists.  We welcome new and existing patients to submit their questions in advance or ask live on the free webinar.

All our webinars sessions will be via Zoom invitation only and identification can be made confidential. To register for one of our free webinars CLICK HERE.