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IVF Gympie

Gympie couples seeking fertility treatment are not alone. According to the Fertility Society of Australia, 1 in 6 couples suffer from infertility.

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Gympie Fertility Statistics
Treatment Option
Women Undergoing IVF Treatment27
IVF Cycles40
IUI Treatments8
ICSI Treatments13
Embryos in Storage136
Couples Who Received Counseling16

Please Note:Data in the chart above is approximate and may not represent actual figures. Since fertility treatment data is not readily available for Gympie, we gathered our data from the Western Australian Reproductive Technology Council’s Annual Report 2012-2013 and applied it as a percentage to the population of Gympie. It is an estimate, meant to give you an idea of Gympie’s fertility statistics.

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Fertility Solutions is located about 1 hour from Gympie, approximately 85 km away.

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