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The IVF Project

You have heard it time and time again that exercise, optimal nutrition and adopting a positive mindset will help increase the success of fertility treatments and your chance of falling pregnant. But with much effort and good intentions sometimes implementing better lifestyle choices is more easily said than done.  Throughout this website you will find so much information about what lifestyle changes you need to make, however we understand that many patients need additional support to help them reach their goals.  

The IVF Project

The IVF Project is a dedicated group of health professionals that work with patients during preconception planning and during fertility treatment.  Their primary focus is working with patients to provide individual exercise and nutritional plans (prescriptions).  The team consists of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Practising Dietitian.  Together they work with fertility patients to ensure that they are supported and guided through an individual plan to help achieve their goals. The IVF Project offers scientific, proven strategies to increase the success of assisted reproductive treatments.  To learn more about The IVF Project’s scientifically proven strategies to improve the chance of conception – click here.

Fertility Solutions and The IVF Project

Fertility Solutions is always looking for ways to help our patients achieve their dream of having a baby.  Therefore, it is very exciting to announce our association with The IVF Project.   Our joint mission is to help our female and male patients access preconception and fertility care that can identify risks and improve health prior to pregnancy. 

Fertility Solutions patients are able to access services from The IVF Project at a special rate.  This is an exclusive association only for Fertility Solutions patients.  The IVF Project have created a $289 special monthly membership which is normally valued at $399.  It is ideal that patients undergo at least 3 months of treatment with The IVF Project prior to starting treatment to fully benefit from the program. However the program is still beneficial during, after treatment and throughout your pregnancy.

Fertility Solutions Membership

Optimising your pre-conception health will give you the best chance of pregnancy success. If you are ready to transform your fertility and get ready for pregnancy, now is the time to start! The services are delivered online and via Telehealth, so you can access The IVF Project’s expertise from anywhere.

What is included:

*Initial Individual or Couple Consultation with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (55 min) to inform your initial tailored exercise programming and treatment approach.

*Development of a customised exercise prescription for yourself and your partner (if applicable) (four weeks of programming tailored specifically for their needs).

*Follow up consultations with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (1-2 x 15-30 min) each month to progress and optimse your exercise prescription for each stage of treatment.

*Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis for you and your partner. This analysis includes a detailed assessment of energy balance, macronutrient intake and micronutrient targets with a comprehensive report.

*Initial Dietitian Consultation (30 min) to discuss your comprehensive analysis and develop practical strategies to optimise your nutrition and address gut health for fertility.

*Follow up Dietitian Consultation (20min) each month to provide practical advice and ongoing support to keep you on track for optimal outcomes. 

*As the rate is considerably reduced,  Fertility Solutions patients will need to phone the clinic for their initial booking to access this offer. We will work closely with The IVF Project to verify that only Fertility Solutions patient can access this exclusive special membership. 

To download the our brochure for The IVF Project CLICK HERE.  If you have any further questions you can email our friendly team who will be able to assist.