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7 Local News Coverage Of Bundaberg IVF Clinic


Please forward to the 7:10 mark to see the story, which is 1:40 in length:

Video Transcription

Anchor:  A new healthcare services Bundaberg helping couples desperately wanting to have a baby.  Fertility solutions has opened a lab facility offering everything needed for IVF treatment, without the stress of having to travel long distances to get specialist help.

Female Reporter: Little Silas loves to play with toy cars.  He’s a small miracle for his parents.  The couple tried for seven years to have a baby before Silas was conceived through IVF.

Mother: The cycle that we fell pregnant with Silas was going to be our last cycle, so it was really surreal.

Female Reporter: Selena had to travel more than three-and-a-half hours for IVF treatments.

Mother: Because my husband had to get days off work to come down to the Sunshine Coast when I had to have treatments and things like that.  Just to be a support.

Female Reporter: After four years of traveling for treatment, Selena finally became pregnant.  Now, other people won’t have that added stress.  A permanent fertility lab is offering their services, which were only available on the Sunshine Coast.

Woman:  They can actually have continuity of care because that’s with their own doctors, here locally and their own nurse.

Female Reporter:  The facility is already proving a success.

Woman:   We actually had about eight people go through.  We had six positive pregnancy tests from that.

Female Reporter:  The clinic is hoping to expand its services in the future.

Woman:  There are some situations where people might have a condition that can be passed on from parents to their children and we’re actually going to be offering genetic testing.