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Bulk Billed* IVF, coping with the emotions of trying to conceive a baby

Fertility Solutions have been offering patients access to Bulk Billed* IVF and FET cycles since December 2016.  This additional level of IVF treatment was created to provide patients with more affordable choices.  We have been overwhelmed with patients inquiring about this new service and wanted to share some important points to consider.


  • We would like patients to fully understand that while the treatment cycle is bulk billed* there will still be some out of pocket costs and expenses that are not covered by Medicare e.g dispensing of medications.   Full costs of your cycle will be discussed prior to your treatment commencing.
  • Not all patients will be eligible or can access our bulk billed* treatments.  Your suitability will be determined by your specialist and is based on your individual circumstances. Patients that require more complex fertility treatments such as donor, genetic testing or surgical sperm collection (ie. if your partner has had a vasectomy) will not be suitable for bulk billed* treatments.  You will need to discuss this with your specialist or a fertility nurse to determine if you are eligible. Book A Free Consultation with a Fertility Nurse.
  • Patients must have access to Medicare rebates to be able to access bulk billed* fertility services.  You do not have to have private health insurance however, if you decide to have your procedure performed in the hospital rather than the clinic, you will have associated out of pocket expenses if you do not have private health cover.
  • If patients are not eligible for the bulk billed* treatments we offer a full range of IVF treatments that are tailored to your individual situation.  Fertility Solutions offer eligible patients flexible and interest free payments (conditions apply).  If finding money to pay for your treatment is an issue we may have the answer – Learn more on flexible and interest free payments. 
  • Patients with Frozen Embryo’s at other clinics can access our bulk billed* frozen embryo transfer treatments if they have access to Medicare rebates.  Learn more on how to transfer your Frozen Embryo’s to Fertility Solutions.
  • Bulk billed* treatments are a permanent service offered at Fertility Solutions. At Fertility Solutions patients DO NOT need to qualify financially to access these services.  If your specialist determines that the bulk billed* option is suitable for you then regardless of your financial situation, you can access this service.
  • Bulk billed* patients have a choice of being awake for asleep for their egg collection procedures. However, if the comfort of a hospital is preferred, there may be some out of pockets expenses if you do not have access to private health cover.

*Conditions apply – Click here for more information on Bulk Billed IVF and FET cycles)