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Bulk Bill* IVF Option Now Available

Fertility Solutions IVF Clinic Queensland North Brisbane Sunshine Coast Bundaberg including Bulk Bill* IVF option

Fertility Solutions is now offering a Bulk-Bill* IVF Option for Treatment to patients in the Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg regions. 

This new service makes fertility treatments easier and more accessible for eligible patients, by further reducing their out of pocket expenses.

Fertility Solutions clinic manager Denise Donati said:

“We are very passionate about trying to make fertility treatment accessible for most. I believe Fertility Solutions is the only clinic in Australia offering a four-tiered IVF treatment model to patients, one of which is a bulk billed* cycle. It is important for patients to understand that it’s only the actual IVF cycle that is bulk billed. There will be other costs associated with the treatment. However, we are so excited about our Bulk Bill* IVF option and the opportunity it will provide to patients. After a fresh embryo transfer, patients will also have the option of choosing between a bulk-billed* or customised frozen embryo transfer cycle,” says clinic manager Denise Donati. “Fertility Solutions has worked really hard to set up a user-pay system where you only pay for what you need, as we do not believe in a one-treatment-fits-all approach.”

“Whilst this new Bulk Bill* IVF option is not for everyone, it may give those people who never imagined they could afford IVF a chance to have a family.”

She added, “Whilst the opportunity to have a Bulk Bill* IVF option cycle will be offered through our Bundaberg clinic with nursing care and cycle monitoring occurring locally until we can assess demand, all of the IVF procedures in these cycles will be performed at our Sunshine Coast clinic in Buderim.

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Patients interested in learning more about Bulk-Billed IVF may either contact the clinic or visit our Facebook page

*Conditions and additional costs apply

For more information, contact:
Denise Donati
Clinic Manager, Fertility Solutions
07 5478 2482

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