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Bundaberg IVF Clinic Moves


Fertility Solutions has expanded its Bundaberg IVF fertility service by moving to newer and larger premises located at 89 Woongarra Street West Bundaberg, it was announced today. The clinic will be open from Monday 25th July 2011, so please come and visit us.

Not only has the clinic expanded physically, but so has the staff with the recent addition of Caroline Kaye who performs the dual role of fertility nurse and administration. Carol Guiliano remains in her role as the senior fertility nurse specialist.

With our expansion in staff and premise, comprehensive fertility assessments and some treatments can now happen right here in Bundaberg.

The advantages of being treated locally are many:

  • Fertility Solutions provides a free, private IVF or general fertility consultation for individuals and couples who have a fertility concern which provides real insight into the choices of fertility treatments available.
  • Fertility Solutions brings a holistic approach to IVF and fertility treatment by working with local complementary therapists to ensure that patients have access to a variety of methods aimed at improving their health before embarking on treatment and pregnancy.
  • Fertility Solutions’ patients are supported by their own primary nurse. There is no need for the long drive to Brisbane, all medications, education and counselling needs are attended to right here in Bundaberg. There is support for each patient by an IVF fertility team who will work with them through each step of their journey. Patients are treated with respect and sensitivity and their concerns and issues are listened to right from the moment they contact the clinic.
  • The staff at Fertility Solutions has the educational background to provide the Bundaberg community with the latest cutting edge technology and information. We have a laboratory manager with a PhD in Embryology which examined embryo implantation and attachment of embryos to the uterus and a nurse manager who holds a Masters Degree with a focus on fertility treatments.
  • Patients don’t need to have a fertility problem to access Fertility Solutions. We offer individuals and couples free information on how to prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

Fertility Solutions Director Denise Donati said, “It’s a privilege to be able to support the Bundaberg community by providing fertility treatments without the need for travel. In turn, we envision that with the support from locals, our practice will continue to expand towards offering the full range of fertility services including IVF right here in Bundaberg. Providing comprehensive fertility and IVF services is an expensive venture and requires a minimum number of procedures to be conducted to make the service viable. We encourage patients who are currently travelling to other centres to come and have a free chat with our nurses and see what we can offer them.”

To arrange for your free, private consultation with a nurse, call 1300 337 845 (1300 FERTILITY).