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IVF Layby Channel 7 Report – Buy Now and Pay Later

IVF Layby Channel 7 Report - Fertility Solutions Staff

IVF Layby Channel 7 Report

TRANSCRIPT of Buy Now and Pay Later – IVF Layby Channel 7 Report

They say you can’t out a price on happiness, but for the thousands of families struggling with infertility, happiness can come at an incredible cost.

Carolyn Hutchin (IVF Patient) Quotes: “It’s a minimum $13,000 payout by the time you add everything all up. If you can’t afford it, you simply cannot have a family.”

All four of Carolyn Hutchins children were born through IVF, but getting there was a challenge both emotionally and financially.

Carolyn Hutchin (IVF Patient) Quotes: “I had had health insurance that I didn’t realise over time had changed to not cover Assisted Reproductive Technology. That was really stressful to start off with.”

ZipMoney wants to ease the stress. The payment Plan is booming in popularity across the retail industry, now IVF patients can sign up too.

Denise Donati (Fertility Solutions) Quotes: “I haven’t heard of anyone else offering it in a fertility perspective.”

Eli Hecht (Zipmoney Health Services) Quotes: “Treatments can be expensive, insurance premiums are rising and the cover is actually falling.

Fertility Solutions offers treatments ranging in price from $600 for a bulk-billed cycle, to $6,000 for a more specialised approach, and many couples pay more than once.

Dr. James Orford (Fertility Solutions) Quotes: “A woman under thirty, you’d hope to get success in the first two or three cycles. As you get older it could be six or eight cycles.”

Through Zipmoney, patients can have IVF now and pay for it later. The account is interest free for two years but there’s a monthly fee of $4.95 until the balance is paid.

 Denise Donati (Fertility Solutions) Quotes: “And we thought that money shouldn’t dictate whether people should extend or start their family.”

And while Fertility Solutions is the first IVF clinic to sign up, more than 800 other health care companies are on board.

Eli Hecht (Zipmoney Health Services) Quotes: Over 10,000 patients have actually chosen Zip as their preferred payment option.

MacKenzie Ravn, 7NEWS


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