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Californian Cryobank – Overseas Semen Donor Program for Queensland

Fertility Solutions are partners with the California Cryobank (CCB), who comply with all QLD legislative and regulatory requirements. CCB was founded in 1977 and is a renowned international semen bank, and the largest company of its kind in the world, featuring the industry’s most extensive catalogue of diverse, highly educated, and stringently screened donors.

Donor applicants must meet basic health, education, height, and weight requirements before they are even considered for the qualification process. This process includes repeated specimen quality tests, a physical examination, communicable disease testing, genetic testing, psychological screening and criminal background checks, etc. In the end, less than 1% of applicants qualify to donate to the CCB program.

There is a 10-family limit per donor, which applies in Queensland. CCB’s maximum goal per donor is 25-30 family limits worldwide.

Extended Carrier Screening

All CCB donors complete an Expanded Carrier Screening (ECS) using INVITAE. You will see a
statement at the top of each donor’s online profile confirming that they have had expanded carrier screening and you are able to view their results in their profile.
Where a donor is a positive carrier of a condition, it is strongly recommended that our patients also undertake comparable screening for the genetic conditions and attend genetic counselling. This is to ensure that our patients are compatible with their chosen donor and are not carriers of any of the same positive genetic conditions.

Fertility Solutions partners with INVATAE to test for ECS. This test is performed by a simple saliva swab. Please refer to the Extended Carrier Screen information sheet provided to you by your donor nurse. Compatibility between yourself and your chosen donor needs to be confirmed before donor allocation can take place. If you choose not to undergo extended carrier screening, you will require a mandatory genetic counselling.

Donor Profiles

Donor Profiles are available for all CCB donors and provide basic information such as the donor’s physical characteristics, education, hobbies, talents, likes, dislikes and more.

  • Medical History: The Medical History is a detailed summary of the donor’s personal and family medical history that is collected from donor applicants over a two to three-month period. It is evaluated in detail by CCB genetic counsellors for genetic risk reduction purposes and to help ensure consistency and accuracy of information.
  • Genetic Test Summary: The Genetic Test Summary (GTS) provides you with a summary of the results of the genetic tests that have been performed for a donor. Please contact your donor nurse if you have any questions about your donor’s GTS.
  • Donor Personal Essay: These thoughtful essays go beyond medical records and statistics to give you a window into the donor as a person.
  • Staff Impressions: These personal insights are written by CCB employees who have worked directly with CCB donors.
  • Extended Donor Profile: The Extended Donor Profile provides a detailed three-generation history including physical characteristics, education, occupations, personality descriptions, and specific medical history for each of the donor’s listed relatives.
  • Childhood Photo(s): Donor Childhood Photos are available.
  • Express Yourself: Express Yourself allows a donor to present himself in a manner that best captures his personality, including original poetry, songs, essays, photographs, drawings, recipes and more.
  • Facial Features Report: The Facial Features Report includes illustrated examples of the donor’s facial features. A CCB Donor Matching Counsellor indicates which facial features apply to a particular donor.
  • Donor Conversation: Donor Conversation allows you to hear the donor’s voice as he discusses a variety of topics specific to his personal history and interests. Many parents who are successful recipients of CCB donors save the Donor Conversation for their child to hear in the future.
  •  Keirsey Report: The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is a widely used personality test. Clients receive a ten-page report, which can be used as a tool to assist with donor selection, or it may provide interesting insight into your own child’s temperament someday.
  • Keirsey Q&A: The Keirsey Q&A includes each donor’s answers to ten specific questions form the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. These sample questions were carefully selected by CCB from a total of 70 questions to provide further insight into each donor’s unique personality.

If you have any questions regarding the CCB donor program please speak directly with your donor team.