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Extended Medicare Safety Net

At Fertility Solutions, we thank you on choosing us to partner you on your journey to parenthood.
We strive to assist patients in achieving a successful and healthy pregnancy however, we recognize that while the rewards of parenthood are priceless, the financial commitment can be challenging. That’s why we wanted to take this opportunity to ensure you are aware of the Extended Medicare Safety Net and how it may assist with lowering your out of pocket expenses (especially if you’re considering commencing or continuing treatment before the end of this calendar year).
What is the Extended Medicare Safety Net?
The Extended Medicare Safety Net is a benefit in addition to the Medicare rebate and takes effect when your out of pocket medical costs during a calendar year exceed a certain amount. In essence your doctor’s visits, treatments and out of hospital costs will remain the same but you will receive a higher benefit back from Medicare once the threshold has been reached.
How does The Extended Medicare Safety Net affect your Fertility Treatment?
If you have undergone fertility treatment from 1 January 2021, you may have already reached your Medicare’s Extended Safety Net threshold. Therefore, if you require additional treatment before the 31st of December this year, your out of pocket expenses will be reduced even further. 
If you are considering treatment this year and would like to know more about the extended Medicare Safety Net, please speak with our friendly admin team.