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Fertility Solutions Bundaberg Celebrates The Birth Of Its 100th Baby!

It only seems like yesterday that Fertility Solutions Bundaberg celebrated the birth of its first baby Ashton Thompson born on the 14th January 2009 and here we are celebrating the birth of our 100th baby Silas Wang born on 2nd April 2014.

Silas Wang - Fertility Solutions Bundaberg's 100th baby born April 2014

Silas Wang

“We are so excited to be able to welcome our 100th baby; it goes a long way to show people that we are committed to providing an excellent service to local couples. We have been offering fertility services in Bundaberg since 2007, we are not a fly by night scheme. Not only do we employ locals, but we are also creating new locals,” says managing director Mrs. Denise Donati, “We are so committed to providing a service, that we have just launched a new arm to Fertility Solutions called Affordable IVF hoping to be able to bring even more choices to the people of Bundaberg.”

One common misconception that people have about IVF clinics is that you have to go to a large city clinic to get the best care and the best chance of becoming pregnant says Mrs. Donati. With fertility treatment she says, this cannot be further from the truth.

“At Fertility Solutions Bundaberg, we have to jump through the same hoops and accreditation processes as any other IVF clinic in Australia. In fact, we have to demonstrate every year to visiting accreditors that we reach and maintain acceptable results as determined by the fertility industry. We also have to demonstrate that we are continually improving with the services offered before they will issue us with an ongoing license to practice.

Ashton Thompson - Fertility Solutions Bundaberg's 1st baby born January 2009

Ashton Thompson

“Many people actually find the smaller boutique service offered at Fertility Solutions Bundaberg more personal when compared to some of the larger city clinics. Often bigger is not always better,” says Mrs. Donati.

“At Fertility Solutions, patients are allocated their own fertility nurse who really gets to know them and their story and is able to work closely with the couple. Their fertility specialist
ensures that they receive excellent care that is current and consistent.”

Mrs. Donati says, “The take home message is that you do not need to travel hours for fertility treatments. You can be confident that the service offered locally is an excellent service and I think that having our 100th baby supports this. At the end of the day to us, a patient’s success is their baby.”

Fertility Solutions is holding a celebration day on the 10th October on site at 89 Woongarra Street from 3 to 6pm. All past and present patients are welcome to come and share in the activities of jumping castles, face painting and much more. Please call RSVP for this event by 6th October by calling Fertility Solutions Bundaberg on (07) 4151 5222.