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Improving Male Fertility With Menevit

By Denise Donati

MenevitThe male partner in the fertility journey can sometimes be overlooked, but research shows that Menevit can help improve male fertility by increasing sperm function.

Menevit is an antioxidant formulation that has been designed to assist in male fertility by boosting sperm health. It is the only male preconception supplement available in Australia which has been tested in a double blinded, randomized, controlled clinical trial.

What Is In Menevit?

Ingredients – Amount

  • Vitamin E 400 IU 269 mg
  • Vitamin C 100mg
  • Lycopene 6mg
  • Zinc 25mg
  • Selenium 26 mcg
  • Folic Acid 500mcg
  • Garlic Oil 333mcg
Does Menevit Improve Pregnancy Rates?

A study published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology found the following main outcome:

A significantly higher pregnancy success rate in patients taking Menevit (38.5% viable pregnancies) compared with those who received placebo (16% viable pregnancies).*

Where Can Menevit Be Purchased in Queensland?

Menevit can be purchased at our clinic for $28.00 RRP (GST inclusive) for a bottle of 30 tablets.

Menevit Benefits

It is interesting to note since we introduced this multivitamin for men, some of our male patients have reported signficant benefits including:

  • “An overall feeling of having more energy”
  • “I’m feeling more positive in my outlook”
  • “My erectile problems are not as noticable”
  • “There has been an improvement in my semen analysis

* Tremellen K, et al. A randomized control trial examining the effect of an antioxidant (Menevit) on pregnancy outcome during IVF-ICSI treatment. Aust NZ J Obstet Gynaecol 2007;47(3);216-221.

This paper can be obtained by emailing contacting Denise on 1300 337 845 (1300 FERTILITY).