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IVF Success

Steps To Success With IVF
IVF doesn’t work every time.. here are some things to consider when faced with the disappointment of an unsuccessful cycle.If you have a failed IVF cycle, don’t despair; talk with your doctor about how he can help you to move forward on your path to parenthood.

Here are some points to ask your fertility specialist: about:

  1. Ask if there were any obvious problems during the cycle
  2. Get a clear estimate from your doctor about what your chances of success are with a second cycle
  3. Ask what modifications or changes can be made this time to improve the chances
  4. If you have frozen embryos, consider the chance of success with these versus the chance of success with fresh eggs (before you get any older)
  5. Are there any contributing factors within your control that you can change (eg weight changes, smoking, caffeine or alcohol intake)?