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More Locations For Our Patients – Buderim in 2012

Fertility Solutions Buderim location

As you may have heard, Dr’s Bogiatzis, Isaacs, Morrow and Orford have made a decision to relocate their practices to the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital in Buderim.  This decision has provided Fertility Solutions with an excellent opportunity to expand its services on the Coast offering more benefits and options for our patients.

At this stage, the process is still yet to be finalised however, you can be assured that our priority is to continue to provide an exceptional service to you our patients.  The initial plan is to continue operating from 89 Blackall Terrace Nambour and by early to mid 2012 the patients will be able to make appointments in Buderim.

This means that there will be a total of four locations for you to choose from (Nambour, Buderim, Bundaberg and Hervey Bay).  It is anticipated that the Nambour, Buderim and Bundaberg locations will be offering the following:

  • Patient Interview Appointments
  • Medication Collections
  • Semen Freezes
  • Semen Analysis and Trial Washes
  • Insemination Procedures

Until further notice all Egg Collection and Sperm Collection procedures will continue to be performed at Nambour Selangor Private Hospital.  Be reassured that you will continue to be cared for by your own Fertility Specialist. If however, there is a need for medical cover to be arranged during your treatment (i.e. your doctor is sick), then the arrangement that currently exist will continue and only the doctors who work with Fertility Solutions (Dr’s George Bogiatzis, Kirsten Morrow and James Orford) will be covering your care.

While many of you may have noticed a “for sale” out the front of your clinic, this sign only reflects that the premise is for sale and not the business.  Should someone buy the premise part of the sale conditions are that Fertility Solutions has an extended lease option and can continue as normal.

Overall, the team view these changes are exciting because they mean huge benefits for our patients.  With two locations on the Coast (and of course our Bundaberg site), travel time for our patients will be kept to a minimum, it won’t matter where you live as we will have a location close by.   I will keep you all updated as the developments are finalised.

If you have any queries or suggestion I would love to hear from you.  Please call 07 5441 7311.

Denise Donati