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What to expect from your first Fertility appointment with Fertility Solutions

Here is an outline of what an average patient should expect from their fertility journey at Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg. Before you see us you will know what to expect!

1. Call us to make an appointment on 1300 337 845 (fertility).

You can speak with one of our friendly receptionist between 9am – 4pm, Monday to Friday to make an appointment for a free consultation with a fertility nurse specialist. Alternatively, you can send us a request online and we will call you back at a time that suits you. We offer after ours appointments to help you access information without interrupting your work day.

2. Ensure you have obtained a referral from your GP for both you and your partner.

See your GP or family doctor and ask them to refer you to Fertility Solutions. It is best to ask for an “Indefinite Referral” so you don’t have to get a new referral each year whilst you are having fertility treatment. You will need to bring this referral to your first appointment.

3. Your first appointment at Fertility Solutions will be with one of our experienced fertility nurse specialists.

One of our nurses who are empathetic to your situation will take the time to listen to you and your story. They will also revise and discuss the questionnaire that you will be asked to complete so any information can be tailored directly to your needs.

If you decide to proceed with treatment and chose to pay the one off registration fee, your nurse will then organise screening tests for you and your partner.

Arrangements will also be made for the male partner to provide a semen sample at a later date to assess sperm quality (to make things easier, we offer weekend semen analyses as we know getting time off work can often be difficult). You will be provided with instructions for semen collection and a time that is suitable for you to deliver the semen sample to the clinic will be arranged.

An appointment will be made for you and your partner to see a fertility solutions specialist of your choice (Dr’s George Bogiatzis, Kirsten Morrow or James Orford), once your test results are available. You will also see your nurse for a follow up appointment to go over your results and your cycle plan for your impending treatment.

4. A fertility specialist then reviews your test results.

When you visit your Fertility Solutions Specialist your test results will be clearly explained to you. This will enable the specialist to recommend the most suitable infertility treatment options for you.

5. You will have a follow up visit with your fertility nurse specialist.

At this visit (which should happen around 6 weeks after you have completed all your screening tests and after you have seen the specialist of your choice), your nurse will again go through your test results and provide you with copies for your own records if you request. Your nurse will have received a cycle plan from your specialist and can discuss this with you at this visit.

6. Your IVF journey begins…

Once you have agreed to proceed with IVF or ICSI our experienced team will guide you through the following steps to help you maximise your chances of achieving a pregnancy. For a more detailed explanation of these steps please refer to your Information Booklet that you will receive at your initial visit.

  • Stage 1 – Ovarian Stimulation using Follicle Stimulating Hormone Injections (used to stimulate your ovaries into producing eggs)
  • Stage 2 – Egg (oocyte) Collection (or “Egg pick up”): This procedure takes place under an anaesthetic as a day surgery procedure at a local private hospital. It takes place after a fertility hormone injection is given to trigger egg maturity (hence the name trigger injection). The injection helps prepare your eggs for the “egg pick up”. This procedure will be arranged for approximately 36 hours after your “trigger injection”
  • Stage 3 – Fertilisation: Once your eggs are collected, our scientists will then place your partner (or donor’s) sperm with your eggs and will check for fertilisation the following day
  • Stage 4 – Embryo Transfer: A few days (2-5) after fertilisation of the egg, you will be asked to come back to THE clinic where your fertility specialist will transfer the embryo(s) back into your uterus (womb) using a fine catheter which is gently passed through the cervix. This procedure is very similar to a pap smear and requires no anaesthetic
  • Stage 5 – Approximately 2 weeks later you will have a blood pregnancy test

We look forward to working with you. Here is a gallery of some of our happy little clients!