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Who do I contact if I have concerns and it is after hours?

After Hours Contact:

Should a patient have any urgent concerns (medical or psychological), or any other issue that is of serious concern, please contact your fertility specialist’s rooms. If you are unable to make contact, present to your nearest General Hospital and have them contact your specialist or the specialist on call for Fertility Solutions.

It is important that if patients have any emergencies they need to call 000.  

For all other non-urgent concerns please follow the process below:

  • Weekdays (After 4pm):  Contact should be made with your specialist who will have a message on their answering machine as to how to contact them.
  • Weekends:  Contact should be made with the fertility nurse on call via phone call only (NOTE: THIS PHONE NUMBER DOES NOT RECEIVE TEXT MESSAGES) on 0437 624 770 who will in-turn contact the specialist on call if required.  
    • Calls for blood test results should be between 4pm – 5pm
    • Please do not call for non-urgent matters after 5pm 

Please note: The process for after-hours contact is comprehensively documented at the end of ALL cycle instructions which are provided to patients throughout your treatment. Please refer to these instructions for further information.

Business Hours Contact:

If a patient has a non-urgent concern they are encouraged to call the clinic or their specialist directly during business hours or email the clinic on