Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions for Fertility Patients


If told to take the oral contraceptive pill or OCP, which pills do I take?

Only take the active pills, not the sugar pills.  The pill will usually have 21 pills of active, and then 7 pills of inactive sugar. We only want you to take the active ones, at the same time each day.

I have forgotten what my dose is – how do I find that?

Your dose is detailed on your Instruction & Medication sheet (under medication prescribed) that would have been provided to you at follow up, or alternatively emailed to you if you had a phone follow up.  

I missed my Synarel nasal spray dose, what do I do?

If you missed your morning dose, and it is during the day now, give yourself a dose immediately if you have it with you, if not as soon as possible and before your evening dose is due.

I don’t know if I got my Synarel nasal spray dose, I felt it drip down the back of my throat.  What should I do?  

If you have sprayed the Synarel into your nostril, then you have received the dose.  The mucous membranes here absorb the medication rapidly, you do not need to give yourself an extra dose.

I am late with my FSH injection, should I skip it?

No, it is important that you do not miss an FSH injection.  Please give yourself the injection as soon as you can, and then set an alarm so you administer the dose at the same time each morning.

Do I need to keep taking the nasal spray once I start the FSH injections?

Yes, do not stop taking the nasal spray until instructed.

Do I need to keep taking the FSH injections once I start the Orgalutran injections?

Yes, if you are doing a short cycle, the orgalutran is usually introduced on day 5 and you continue taking the FSH injections as well, giving yourself 2 injections daily in the morning.

My injections are supposed to start but my period has not come yet, should I start?

Do not start any medications prior to speaking to a nurse either at the clinic during business hours, or the on call nurse if it’s a weekend.  

I have started my injections but now have spotting – is that normal?

Spotting can be common early in the stimulation stage of your cycle & normally settles quickly.  Your routine scans will ensure both follicular and endometrial development as the stimulation stage of the cycle progresses.

I feel tired, have a headache and nausea since starting medications – is that normal?

Yes, these are some of the more common side effects of IVF medications.  Please check out  the documentation that was sent with the meds from IVF Pharmacy Services as this will confirm some of the common side effects .

I have all these progesterone pessaries and Crinone gel here that was delivered by the pharmacy, when do I have to start these?

In any type of treatment cycle, the progesterone support will start after ovulation, or after your egg collection.  The nurse will instruct you when you need to start these.

I forgot to take one of my pessaries.  Do I need to panic?

If you are having a Bulk Bill FET cycle using Progynova, then the progesterone support is vital to your cycle being successful.  Have the missed dose as soon as you remember, and set your alarm for progesterone doses in the future.

Other types of cycles are not dependent on the progesterone support, it is supplementary to your own production.  However progesterone is very important to help support and maintain the lining of the uterus.  It is highly recommended to set an alarm so you don’t miss a dose.

My embryo transfer is scheduled for ———, do I have my lunchtime pessary before the transfer?

No, you can hold off on the midday dose of Oripro until after your transfer occurs.

I am late with my trigger injection for my IVF cycle, what will I do?

The trigger injection is precisely timed so that it gives your eggs 36 hours to undergo the final process of maturation prior to being collected. If you are late with your trigger injection, please call your IVF doctor to let them know (if after hours call their rooms and you will be given a number to call) It may be that your egg collection time will need to be adjusted to compensate for this. Do not be late for your trigger injection please. Again it is highly recommended for you to set an alarm so it’s given at the right time.

I am late with my trigger injection for my FET cycle, what will I do?

The timing for this is not quite as critical as for an IVF cycle.  We usually advise you to have the trigger at 7pm, but you have a couple of hours either side of this.

Do I need a full bladder for my scan?

No, if you are having any type of follicle tracking scan we request for you to empty your bladder on arrival at the clinic.

Do I need a full bladder for my embryo transfer appointment?

Yes, usually.  Empty your bladder an hour prior to your appointment and then refill with 1 litre of water so your bladder is full-ish, but not too uncomfortable.  Some women will have a retroverted uterus which means it is tilted backwards (also normal) and in these cases you can have an empty bladder.  If you don’t know which one you are, the nurse will be able to confirm this once you arrive for your appointment.

Day 1 of Cycle

My period is starting to arrive this afternoon, when do I have my blood test?

You have your blood test on day 1 of your period which is classed as the day you wake up with a steady bleed (occurring before lunch time).

It’s day 1 today, what do I do?

Check the instructions that were given to you by a nurse at your recent follow up appointment.  Depending on your cycle type, the instructions will be a little different.  

  • For an IVF/ICSI cycle you need to phone or email the clinic and let them know it’s your day 1, and go for your day 1 blood test as early as you can. Please phone the clinic again between 3 and 4PM for your results & ongoing instructions.
  • For a Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle using Progynova, do a urine pregnancy test at home, and then phone the nurse for instructions to start progynova.
  • For a Frozen embryo Transfer cycle using natural or Letrozole, have the day 1 blood test and phone the nurse for results and further instructions.  If this is a weekend you can have the blood test on your day 1, and phone the nurse on Monday for instructions.
  • For an IUI cycle, using natural or Letrozole, have the day 1 blood test and phone the nurse for results and for further instructions.  If this is a weekend you can have the blood test on your day 1, and phone the nurse on Monday for instructions.

Do I need to fast for my blood test?

No, you do not need to fast.

Where is the QML that is open on weekends?

Maroochydore QML on the corner of Horton Parade and Aerodrome Rd (opposite Hungry Jacks) in the Diagnostic Centre is open on Saturday from 8am – 12pm and on Sunday from 8am – 11am.

The Channon St QML in Gympie is open from 8.30am – 11.30 am on Saturday

For Bundaberg, call the lab on 07 4152 8411 to book your weekend test at the Mater Hospital.

Hervey Bay patients can attend Liuzzi St QML on Saturday between 7 – 8am.  On Sundays, please refer to Bundaberg, as above.  

What if I need a blood test on a public holiday?

Call QML on 07 5441 0200 to book in an urgent test on a public holiday.

Egg collections

Do I need to fast for my egg collection?

Yes. Please read all your instructions thoroughly as they confirm for you to fast from midnight the night before your egg collection.

What do I need to bring for my egg collection day if it is in the clinic?

Wear comfortable loose clothing & bring a pair of warm socks also.  If you have any dietary restrictions please bring something to eat for after your procedure.  If you have to drive a long way home, please bring your own heat pack so we can warm it prior to you leaving.

If you have had a recent egg collection, and you have severe pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea or shortness of breath please phone the clinic for advice. If you are extremely worried or it is outside normal clinic hours, please present to the emergency department of your nearest hospital.

Can I go swimming?

Fertility Solutions advises not immersing yourself in water for 2 days post embryo transfer or 7 days after egg collection.  This means no swimming, baths or spas.  Showers are fine!

I have had a negative urine pregnancy test, do I still have to do the blood test?

Yes, we need to confirm the results via a blood test for our regulatory body ANZARD.

I have had a positive urine pregnancy test, what now?

If the kit test was completed at the recommended time (not early) have the blood test as directed on your paperwork and call for the results between 3 – 4pm on the day of your test.  If the blood test confirms the positive outcome you will receive email communication from the clinic confirming your timing for a 7 week scan with your specialist.

I have had a recent positive pregnancy test, do I need to keep taking my medication?

Yes, any medication you have been on up until this point, you will continue once you have a positive pregnancy.  Please phone the nurse or your doctor’s rooms if you need more scripts allowing a few days for the prescriptions to be written by the specialist and dispensed.

Other Question You May Have

How do I arrange a medical certificate?

Please call your specialist rooms who will provide you with a medical certificate. The certificate will not have indication of fertility treatment.

What if I am running late for my appointment?

Please phone the clinic if you are running late for any reason so we are able to accommodate you around our other appointments

Can I bring my partner/mother/friend/child to my appointment?

A partner or support person is welcome to attend all appointments.  Children must be supervised. 

Can my partner be with me in the egg collection?

No, unfortunately your partner can not be with you in the egg collection, he is however  welcome to wait.  The procedure will usually take around 30 minutes.