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Central Queensland – Fast Tracking Your Fertility Treatment with our Partnering GP’s

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Living in regional Queensland does not mean you can’t access lower cost fertility care locally.  

Accessing Local Care 

Fertility Solutions Bundaberg receives patient referrals from as far North as Rockhampton and as West as Mount Isa.  We acknowledge that Central Queensland patients are happy to travel to our Bundaberg clinic to access our services (which include low cost and bulk billed* cycles), but we found that we needed  to improve on how some services could be streamlined including being able to fast track access by having local options.  

The initial stages of fertility treatment requires both partners to undergo fertility screening and investigations.  These can include pelvic ultrasounds, blood tests, semen analysis and medical history taking.  The normal process for most patients up until now is for  a GP to refer them to a specialist fertility doctor.  Central Queensland patients who want to access our services (which include low cost or bulk billed* treatments) then travel to Bundaberg to have a private consultation  with one of our fertility specialists.  At this meeting the specialist orders the appropriate tests and investigations and the patient is required to  return for a second appointment (in Bundaberg) around 5-6 weeks later to discuss the results and plan for fertility treatment. 

In an attempt to streamline processes and make access to treatment easier for patients Fertility Solutions has partnered with local GP’s in both Gladstone and Rockhampton who are aware of the appropriate screening tests and investigations that need to be organised prior to referring to our fertility specialists.  What this means to patients is at the first appointment with one of our  fertility specialist, the specialist will have all the appropriate test results and information to help them understand your situation and advise on  the most appropriate treatment for you.  Generally, patients will only be required to travel to Bundaberg once  before starting their cycle.   Additionally, medication education and planning for your cycle with a nurse can be performed via phone or skype.  Also tests that are performed during your treatment can be performed locally in Rockhampton and Gladstone.  Patients will  be required to travel a second time to Bundaberg to have the procedures however partnering with local GP will dramatically reduce travel and the time it takes before a patient can start a treatment cycle. 

Rockhampton Partnering GP’s

City Heart Medical

Patients can book an appointment with either:

  • Dr Brad Lorraway
  • Dr Michael Keating
  • Rick Kruger
Gladstone GP’s

Gladstone GP Superclinic

Patients can book an appointment with either:

  • Dr Barbara Panitz
  • Dr Danni Gitsham


  • Please contact the GP clinics directly to book an appointment
  • Both partners (including same sex couples) will need to make an appointment with a GP and will both need to undergo testing.
  • When you book an appointment with our partnering GP’s please ensure you mention you would like a fertility consultation and book a long consultation.

All investigations and screening tests required will be bulk billed.

Highest Quality of Care and Services

Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg clinics undergo an annual, independent accreditation review to ensure our processes, treatments and services are of the highest standard.  Although our clinics are both in regional cities our processes and services need to comply with the standards as set by the Fertility Society of Australia (FSA).  What this means for patients is that the level of care, service and results are not compromised by the location.

Fast Track Your Fertility Treatment While Accessing Low Cost and Affordable Options with Fertility Solutions

If you are not ready to speak with a GP or Specialist, we can organise a free phone consult with a fertility nurse.  It is confidential and no obligations to continue.  We are here to help answer your questions.  Click here to send a request for a call with a nurse.

*Conditions apply with bulk billed treatments, to learn more click here.