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MiFertility Plan App – Updates in Features

Download our Fertility Plan app online for management of your fertility journey

Late last year we introduced our patients to an App that we found useful when undergoing fertility treatment.   The MiFertility Plan App is a comprehensive calendar tool app to help support patients step-by-step through their fertility treatment cycle.  The MiFertility Plan App has now been updated with the following new features. 

Key updates to the MiFertility Plan App:

-Removed mandatory set-up steps to allow for complete cycle flexibility
-Ability to backdate events, enabling patients to use the app even if they have already started their cycle
-Added ‘Other Event’ and ‘Other Medicines’ to allow for complete cycle personalisation
-Added ‘Day of cycle’ to start date of drugs and day of events
-Added ‘Day of cycle’ to Timeline and Calendar Views
-Increased flexibility in trigger protocols
-Ability to further customise notification timing for non-drug events (15 minutes – 48 hours)
-IUI added as an event
-Separated ‘Clinic Visit’ and ‘Scan’, as they might be in a different location

The MiFertility Plan App is free of charge and available from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

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