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MiFertility Plan App – Updates in Features

Late last year we introduced our patients to an App that we found useful when undergoing fertility treatment.   The MiFertility Plan App is a comprehensive calendar tool app to help support patients step-by-step through their fertility treatment cycle.  The App has now been updated with the following new features. 

Key updates:
-Removed mandatory set-up steps to allow for complete cycle flexibility
-Ability to backdate events, enabling patients to use the app even if they have already started their cycle
-Added ‘Other Event’ and ‘Other Medicines’ to allow for complete cycle personalisation
-Added ‘Day of cycle’ to start date of drugs and day of event
-Added ‘Day of cycle’ to Timeline and Calendar Views
-Increased flexibility in trigger protocols
-Ability to further customise notification timing for non-drug events (15 minutes – 48 hours)
-IUI added as an event
-Separated ‘Clinic Visit’ and ‘Scan’, as they might be in a different location

The MiFertility Plan App is free of charge and available from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).