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MiFertility Plan App – Updates in Features

Late last year we introduced our patients to an App that we found useful when undergoing fertility treatment.   The MiFertility Plan App is a comprehensive calendar tool app to help support patients step-by-step through their fertility treatment cycle.  The MiFertility Plan App has now been updated with the following new features.  Key updates to the … Read More

Bulk Billed* IVF, coping with the emotions of trying to conceive a baby

Fertility Solutions have been offering patients access to Bulk Billed* IVF and FET cycles since December 2016.  This additional level of IVF treatment was created to provide patients with more affordable choices.  We have been overwhelmed with patients inquiring about this new service and wanted to share some important points to consider. IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO NOTE: We … Read More

microscope image of expanded blastocyst on day 5
“All in One Treatment Package” or “All Inclusive IVF Cycle Plus FETs”

Recently we have had patients contact us and ask if we are offering an “All in One Treatment Package” or “All Inclusive IVF Cycle plus FETs”.   It is important for potential patients to really understand what this means.  An all in one treatment package usually means offering several treatments for one all-inclusive price, for example, … Read More

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