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To all our patients who use our Bundaberg clinic in Woongarra St. please note that the clinic has not been affected by the floods and is still operational. To make appointments or to collect medications, please call the clinic on 4151 5222 and have a chat with Lisa. Our thoughts are with those who have … Read More

ivf success rates before the age of 40
Why Do I Have Less Eggs Than Follicles and Even Fewer Embryos?

It is important to understand that not every follicle seen on ultrasound scan will have an egg collected from it at the egg collection procedure.  It is expected that approximately 80-90% of follicles will yield an egg.  Occasionally there are fewer eggs collected at the egg collection procedure than expected.  Sometimes there are no eggs … Read More

What is Empty Follicle Syndrome?

At the end of the egg collection, the first question every patient wants to know is – How many eggs were collected ? Egg retrieval is usually a very straightforward procedure and generally when there are a reasonable number of follicles seen on the ultrasound scan, we expect to collect eggs.  However, sometimes, much to the team’s horror and the … Read More

Why Were There No Eggs Collected At My Egg Collection Procedure?

When having IVF, most patients will grow a few follicles and the doctor will successfully retrieve eggs from most of these follicles. However, sometimes no eggs are retrieved at the egg collection. There are essentially five possible reasons as to why this may happen. 1. The follicle may have ruptured (ovulated) prior to the egg … Read More

What is AMH or Egg Timer Testing?

When a girl is born, she already has all of the eggs she will ever have. Throughout the course of a woman’s lifetime, she will lose her eggs constantly until menopause, when no more eggs remain. Unfortunately, no reliable tests currently exist that can accurately gauge how many eggs are left and how viable or … Read More

New Senior Scientist Joins Our Team

Fertility Solutions would like to welcome Alicia to our team.  Alicia brings with her over 10 years of experience as an Embryologist. After completing an Honour’s Degree in Biotechnology at the Flinders University of South Australia, Alicia began her Embryology career in 1998 with Repromed as a trainee in their Darwin clinic. Once completing her training, Alicia continued … Read More

embryologist performing semen analysis
Semen Analysis Testing

Infertility problems relating to the male factor account for 30% of all couples having difficulty conceiving. It is therefore critical that a complete and thorough examination of the male partner be considered. Over the years, it has become known that laboratories do vary extensively in their ability to provide an accurate semen analysis. This specialised … Read More

Fertility Solutions Team Continues to Grow to Service Our Patients

Fertility Solutions would like to welcome Alicia Torres who has joined our scientific team. Alicia has extensive experience working with Repromed, a very reputable fertility clinic in Australia. Coupled with our lab manager Jean who has worked extensively with IVF Australia and Genea (formerly Sydney IVF), couples on the Sunshine Coast will be in great … Read More