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Natural and Minimal Stimulation IVF: The Gentle Approach

A cheaper, gentler form of IVF for those on a budget to consider is either Natural cycle IVF or minimal stimulation IVF where either no fertility stimulating drugs or very low doses of drugs are used. Natural and Minimal Stimulation IVF is a fraction of the cost of standard IVF, so it may be a … Read More

Dr. Harrie Swanepoel, Gynaecologist Specialist, Bundaberg
Fertility Solutions Bundaberg IVF Clinic Expands

Dr Harrie Swanepoel, a local obstetrician and gynaecologist is working closely with Fertility Solutions so patients can be offered more fertility choice and support locally. Dr Swanepoel will perform fertility assessments on individuals and couples in his private consulting rooms and then refer them to Fertility Solutions for management and support. For some couples this … Read More


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cutting edge ivf technology
Cutting Edge Technology Now Available at Fertility Solutions

Cutting Technology (Vitirification) Helping Women’s Fertility by Dr. Rebecca Matthews, Laboratory Manager What does this mean for women? There are many instances when egg freezing can be used to help preserve fertility.  It has become very common  for women to delay having children for a number of reasons (the most common reason given is not being … Read More

Mens Health And Fertility: The Challenges

By Karen McElroy Women’s health issues have enjoyed more attention than men’s health over recent years. However, Australian men are at a higher risk of developing many chronic diseases and have a lower life expectancy than women. The leading health issues for men are heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, depression and substance abuse – including … Read More

December 2008

  Extracts from From Making Babies – Your Ultimate Guide to Fertility & Getting Pregnant A single sperm has a short and fraught life. It is a wonder that fertilisation occurs at all – read on! Some people say that male infertility may be on the increase around the world, however sperm quality is a … Read More

October 2008

Sometimes the cost of treatment may post couples some difficulties and the way the fees are structured can cause confusion. In an attempt to address these concerns in the following pages you will find more information on how Fertility Solutions structures its fees. Please read on ….. What does it all mean Denise Donati • … Read More

Sperm, Eggs & Embryo Freezing

By Dr. Kirsten Small The concept that sperm might be frozen and used to achieve a pregnancy at some later point in time has actually been around since the 1770’s, when an Italian priest called Spallanazani began to understand that in animals both an egg and a sperm are required for conception to occur. It … Read More

Blastocyst Culture

Updated 2-4-15. Blastocyst culture is standard practice at Fertility Solutions, especially when a couple have two or more embryos fertilised. Blastocyst is the name given to an embryo which is continuing to develop approximately 5 days after the egg/s and sperm have been placed together. A blastocyst contains anywhere from 80 to 150 cells, which … Read More

Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay Test

By Denise Donati The Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay (SCSA) is a new method developed to evaluate the chromatin within a sperm. The chromatin is the genetic material that is contained within the nuclear part of the head of the sperm. The SCSA is a way of measuring the level of DNA fragmentation in the sperm … Read More